Speed Test Your Site

Give your website a free health check

Things change quickly on the web and if websites aren’t updated and renewed, then you may very well find yourself with a site that does not load quickly, is not appearing well in search engines and may not display properly on different browsers or mobile devices. All of this can of course loose you business and customer engagement.

Free Tools to Check your Site

There are many free and easy to use online tools to check various aspects of your site.  Use the links below to see how your site is performing.


Mobile Speed Tests

Google now ranks websites on mobile load speed as over 60% of web use is now on these devices. Having a slow loading website wont just mean that google takes issue with your site, but also your customers may as firstly you may not appear as high up in searh results, and secondly when they click on your link, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, you stand a high chance that they will abandon your site.



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