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Before we build a website we need to pick the right domain name. If you have one you are happy with, we should be able to use this without issue, unless it is regestered through companies such as WIx which can place some constraints on how it is used, but even in these cases we can usually transfer the domain name and give you the freedom to use it as you like


Finding the right domain

Choosing your website address is important as it is part of your business image. It also helps show people what you do. Having key words in your domain name can also be helpful, but it shouldn’t make you compromise on the sites identity.
Hopefully your business name is available as a domain name and you can check this here. Please note there may be cheaper places to buy from, this tool just enables you to quickly check availability.

To search for your domain add in .com etc at the end to check if that is available

It is best to keep domain names short and descriptive and inline with your company image. If your service is geographically specific it can be worth adding this into the domain or business name such as

Deciding on a Website type

Ok, so you got your domain name and now you need a website and you can do this in many different ways. There are people that will handcode bespoke websites for thousands of pounds and this might well suit your business if you have high turnover and very specific demands such as exceptionally fast load times to give a slight edge above your competition.
The other end of that is that you could use a website builder service and build your own. Unfortunately these sites are often poorly optimised for speed, seo and design and in the long run you can end up paying more for the features that other designer can provide without charging a subscription to use them.
Are choice for building sites is wordpress for good reason. We can quickly make good looking sites that are expandable and adaptable and even editable by the end user. By using a customisable lightweight theme we can create any style of site with nearly any desired feature.

Web Hosting

So you’ve decided on how to build your site and you need somewhere to put it. You can get hosting for as little as a few pounds a month, but as always you often only get what you pay for. Many of the cheap hosting packages are on large shared servers and often means you website is fighting for resources. You may also be sharing with people that damage the IP address of the server if they get hacked or send out spam emails.
We host on well established and very fast UK based cloud hosting. We pay for our own dedicated IP addresses that are shared only with the sites we manage, Fast realiable hosting will mean your website and emails run smoothely which is why we offer some of the best.

Site Design

So you have your domain and youve choosen how you will build your site and host it.
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